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About Us

A family owned business founded by Ganesan Subramaniam established in the year 1987 in Salem, Tamil Nadu. 

Megawin has grown to be one of India’s pioneers in medium voltage switchgears. Our in-house R&D expertise compliments manufacturing the widest range of switchgears, dry-type transformers and packaged substations.

Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers through our products built with quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards. With “Continue to Innovate” as our motto, Megawin regularly brings new products of high reliability and safety catering to customers’ every need.

Being completely backward integrated, we boast of having five large state of the art facilities for switchgear assembly, vacuum interrupters, protection and control, fabrication, tool room and machine shop.

Our in-house manufacturing will give you proven outcomes of :

  • Integration and Interfacing entirely

  • Communication & control, management, diagnostics & maintenance are Optimised

  • Tailor made products ensuring maximum productivity at lowest operational cost


We own five manufacturing units with over 14 offices Pan-India partnering with over 60 dealers. We grew to host our own vacuum interrupter facility with Magnetic Axial principle. 

Our solutions are designed, developed and fully type tested in accordance with relevant standards at independently recognized testing stations like KERI-Korea, CPRI-India, Sammer-India, ETDC-India.

Timeline of Events

Year of Establishment


Research and Development unit was established and manufacturing began


Developed Air break switch

  • Technical collaboration with ELKOM-

             - TSN - Yugoslavia

  • Kicked-off In-house fabrication


Major order from Neiveli lignite corp for Packaged substation


Development and in-house manufacturing of 11kv VCB 

  • Accuracy and success on type test for VCB

  • In-house manufacturing of Current and Potential Transformer 

  • Developed electromagnetic relays for protection and auxiliary functions 

  • Expansion of sales and marketing offices pan-India

  • 33KV VCB was developed and type tested

  • 11KV and 33KV outdoor PCVCB was developed

  • Cast Resin Transformer was developed letting us enter into dry-type transformers industry

  • Type tested multiple ranges of PCVCB applications 

  • Largest suppliers of PCVCBs across India


A separate Megawin fabrication Unit was established 

  • Product expansions leading to development of Auto-Reclosers and sectionalizers  

  • Major tenders were closed won on these reclosers


A newer Megawin Unit was established for R&D


Development of our own numerical relays 

  • Expansion of the Fabrication unit adapting to latest technology


Vacuum Interrupter plant was established


Conquered the approval from NTPC

  • Version 2 of Numerical Relay was developed 

  • 40kA Breaker was developed and type tested at KERI

  • Product expansion leading to the development of SF6 and also consecutively tested 

  • Development of Magnetic Actuator

  • Development of Railway Breakers 

  • Rourkela Steel Plant provided with a major order for 40kA Magnetic actuator breaker 

  • Megawin Structural Unit was established

  • Advanced Auto-reclosers with Magnetic mechanism was developed

  • Largest order of 1500+ Reclosers was conquered


Approved in EIL for all our products 

  • Megawin Switchgear was established in Sharjah, Dubai

  • Technical collaboration with PBSI , UK to develop panels for European and North American markets

  • Panels developed and type tested at KEMA

  • Manufactured more than 4000 VCBs each year

  • Widest range of switchgear products in the country

  • End to End manufacturing with 5 different units completely developed in-house

  • Developed IEC 61850 communication relays 

  • RDSO approval for Railway breakers

  • Delhi metro project was a huge success

  • Supplied our first set of GIS panels to Oman Utility. 

  • Developed single phase Reclosers

  • Successfully implemented our first SCADA project with Auto Reclosers in PVVNL (Meerut)

  • Developed and type tested 33kV GIS

  • Three phase to single phase power solution through Auto Reclosers for rural feeders in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana