• 12kV/2000A/25kA

Breaker Type

Mid Mounted Casette


Indoor and Outdoor

Suitable for line up of panels

Product Description

Megawin Diya series is built for 12kV voltage classes up to 2000A/ up to 25kA for indoor and outdoor formats. Diya is type tested for internal arc, E2, C2 and M2 class for 650mm panel width and is suitable for line up of panels.

Product Features

  • Suitable for line up

  • Mid mount cassette type vacuum circuit breaker (VCB)

  • Motorized spring charged mechanism, with manual option

  • Ready to connect to any remote control & monitoring system and to any SCADA system

  • Type tested for E2, C2, M2 class and internal arc.

  • Circuit breaker and VT compartments have interlocked access

  • Busbar and cable compartments have tool based access

  • In a line-up arrangement, Internal Arc venting duct is formed to direct arc to outside the substation

  • Provided with all safety interlocks and padlocks

  • Mechanical push to TRIP and CLOSE buttons, with front door closed condition

  • Separate compartments, with metallic partition, for busbar, cable, circuit breaker, low voltage and VT as applicable

  • Both indoor and outdoor formats available


  • Capacitor bank switching

  • Transformer switching

  • Motor switching

  • Feeder switching

Market Segments

  • Utilities (primary and secondary)

  • Generation

  • Industries

  • Large Buildings

  • Oil & Gas

  • Infrastructure

General Technical Parameters