• 33kV/2500A/31.5kA

  • 33kV/1250A/31.5kA

1200mm width

Breaker Type

Roll on Floor


Indoor and Outdoor

  • 22kV/800A/25kA

  • 22kV/1250A/25kA

1000mm width

  • 11kV/1250A/40kA

  • 11kV/3150A/40kA

800mm width

Suitable for line up of panels

Product Description

Megawin Duvi series is built for 11kV/3150A/40kA,  22kV and 33kV voltage classes up to 2500A/ up to 31.5kA for indoor and outdoor formats. Duvi is type tested for internal arc for 1200mm panel width and is suitable for line up of panels.

Product Features

  • Suitable for line up

  • Roll on floor  vacuum circuit breaker (VCB)

  • Motorized spring charged mechanism, with manual option

  • Ready to connect to any remote control & monitoring system and to any Scada System

  • Type tested for E2, C2, M2 class and internal arc.

  • Circuit breaker and VT compartments have interlocked access

  • Busbar and cable compartments have tool based access

  • In a line-up arrangement, Internal Arc venting duct is formed to direct arc to outside the substation

  • Provided with all safety interlocks and padlocks

  • Mechanical push to TRIP and CLOSE buttons, with front door closed condition

  • Separate compartments, with metallic partition, for busbar, cable, circuit breaker, low voltage and VT as applicable

  • Both indoor and outdoor formats available


  • Capacitor bank switching

  • Transformer switching

  • Motor switching

  • Feeder switching

Market Segments

  • Utilities (primary and secondary)

  • Generation

  • Industries

  • Large Buildings

  • Oil & Gas

  • Infrastructure

General Technical Parameters