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Electric Utilities

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Primary distribution

Electric utilities are financially affected by the downtime caused in their system and by the quality of power delivered. At the substation level one should opt for robust, operator friendly and time tested products. Outside the substation electric utilities should use smart products that reclose for temporary faults and thereby avoiding linemen attending to faults. We at Megawin address all these issues by providing solutions focused on reducing downtime and reliability of the system.

Recommended products​

Gas Insulated VCB
Metal Clad VCB 
(11kV , 22kV & 33kV)

Secondary distribution 

The two most important factors to consider for secondary distribution switchgear are space and uninterrupted power supply. In urban areas the cost of real estate is high and one has to go for compact solutions without having to plan for a big yard. Megawin offers compact products which can be installed on the floor and also on multilevel platforms.

Recommended products

Cast resin transfo.jpg
Cast Resin Transformer
Unitised Substation.jpg
Packaged Substation
Auto Recloser
SF6 Sectionaliser