Megawin is one of India’s largest manufacturers of medium voltage switchgear products. The company was established in 1987 in the steel city of Salem located in South India. Megawin switchgear was born in the mind of a young and daring first generation entrepreneur in Salem, India. In 1990, with a modest infrastructure, the company ventured into a Technical Collaboration with ELCOM, Yugoslavia for Load Break Switch and Off Load Isotated upto 36kA. 1993 heralded the emergence of Megawin Swtichgear as the manufacturer of VCB Switchgears. In the subsequent years, the full range of medium voltage switchgears was developed ranging from 3.3kV to 36kV.  Today Megawin boasts of having the widest range of switchgear products in the industry, with all components manufactured in-house supported by a strong research and engineering team.


      The company has backward integrated by developing a host of components such as Dry Type Cast Resin Transformer, Electromechanical and Numerical Relays, HV HRC Fuses, Spout Bushings, Support Insulator CT's, PT's etc.,  All these developments were wholly due to the result of in-house efforts driven by passion for excellence. At Megawin, Innovation has been the halmark of operations.  The management focus and encourgement has resulted in development of Maganetically Actuated VCB's, Auto Recloser, Capacitor Swtich, Current sensor, Self power Numerical relays etc., just to mention a vital few. The integration of all these path breaking innovations is all set to herald the future of medium voltage switchgears, giving users a new dimension for safely, reliablity, speed and intelligent at an affordable economics.  

    Megawin offers comprehensive medium voltage switchgear solutions that are designed, developed and fully type tested in accordance with relevant standards at independent recognized testing stations like KERI-Korea, CPRI-India, Sammer-India, ETDC-India.


   Megawin has five manufacturing units with its pan-India marketing network stretching over 14 marketing offices and more than 60 dealers and agents across the country. It has established a well-equipped infrastructure with state of the art facilities in terms of plant, machinery and testing. It has its own vacuum interrupter facility that uses the latest technology of magnetic axial principle.



          Megawin uses cutting edge technology and is an organization that deploys > 30% of its spend on R&D and innovations. More than 5% of the turnover is through direct/third party exports. The company has a very strong R&D team that has driven innovation to continuously deliver world-class products. With our motto  “Continue to Innovate”, Megawin regularly brings new products of high reliability and safety catering to customers every need.

When Megawin makes every major component of a system, you can be sure that


  • Everything is Integrated and interfaced
  • Issues such as communication & control, management, diagnostics & maintenance are optimised
  • Customised for your specific application that will ensure maximum productivity at lowest operational cost
  • Interaction and comfort with responsive and responsible resource.