• Circuit Breaker control panel with protection for medium voltage application.
  • TRIP / CLOSE breaker control switches with necessary interlock logics with simple MIMIC showing breaker status.
  • TRIP LOCK facility with password Protection for Line clear / breaker maintenance.
  • LOCAL / REMOTE switch function with Password Lock.
  • AUTO Breaker Maintenance annunciation.
  • Built in ANNUNCIATOR for TRIP and NONTRIP functions with ACCEPT / RESET push buttons and test LED facility.
  • In built Trip Circuit Supervision.
  • In built breaker ANTIPUMPING logic.
  • Built in CLOSE / TRIP interlock logics.
  • DC supply supervision.
  • INDICATING LEDs for DC healthy, Trip circuit fail, Breaker ON / OFF status, Remote / Local operations, spring charge, Breaker in service status etc., - 34 LEDs.
  • 14 digital inputs that includes inputs for Bucholz alarm, Oil temperature alarm, winding temperature alarm, and Bucholz Trip, Oil temperature Trip, winding temperature Trip functions of Power Transformer.
  • MASTER TRIP relay function
  • Device Healthy feature to give alarm with different supply in case if this device failure.
  • Control button status information in LCD panel.
  • Dedicated three phase voltage indicator (MVIL3) with LED indicators directly energized from the PT supply, indicating the status of High voltage without depending on dc supply for safety.(optional)


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