electromec relay



Electromechanical relays can be classified into several types as follows,


  1. Attracted armature
  2. Induction disc
  3. Mechanical
  4. Moving coil
  5. Motor operated
  6. Thermal


  Our manufacturing range of electromechanical relays types are attracted armature relays and Induction disc relays. These electromagnetic relays use the induction principle discovered by Galileo Ferraris in the late 19th century. The magnetic system in induction disc over current relays is designed to detect over currents in a power system and operate with a pre-determined time delay when certain over current limits have been reached.  

 In order to operate, the magnertic system in the relays produces torque that acts on a metal disc to make contact, according to the following basic current/torque equation where

  •  - is a constant
  •  - are the two fluxes
  •  - is the phase angle between the fluxes 

These electromechanical relays can be used without auxiliary supply, dust free environment conditions, long life cycles compare to static and numeric relays.

Megawin has developed a wide range of Electro Mechanical Relays.

Model Description
MCDG Single Pole / Three Pole, Over current / Earth Fault Relays
MVAG 11 Instantaneous Voltage Relays
MCAG 14 Circulating Current Relays

Auxiliary Relays

MVAJH/ MVAJS High speed tripping relays
MVAX Trip circuit supervision relays