The distinction between digital and numerical relay rests on points of fine technical detail, and is rarely found in areas other than Protection. They can be viewed as natural developments of digital relays as a result of advances in technology. Typically, they use a specialized digital signal processor (DSP) as the computational hardware, together with the associated software tools.



      The input analogue signals are converted into a digital representation and processed according to the appropriate mathematical algorithm. Processing is carried out using a specialized microprocessor that is optimized for signal processing applications, known as a digital signal processor or DSP for short. Digital processing of signals in real time requires a very high power microprocessor.


      In our numeric relays are true RMS measurements and protection algorithm. Our relays meets new functional requirements of IEC standards like such as IEC -60255-151 and IEC-60255-127.


      Megawin has developed a wide range of Numeric relays. 


Model Description  
M140A Numerical Over current Protection
3O/C & 1 EF
M140B Numerical Over current Protection with additional features
3O/C & 1 EF
M140C Numerical Over current Protection with additional features & Communication
3O/C & 1 EF
M140D Numerical Over current Protection with Communication
3O/C & 1 EF
M135C Under Voltage / Over Voltage relay with Neutral Displacement 3Ph O/V / U/V + NDR
M141A Numerical Over current Protection 2O/C, 1 EF & 1 REF/SEF