General Information :


Outdoor type Auto Recloser/ Sectionalizer with magnetic actuator operated mechanism with built in CT, PT or current/voltage sensors is suitable for structure as well as pole mounted execution for rural electrification application.

 Applicable standards

Complies with IEC 62271-111/ ANSI C37.60.

  • Suitable for four shot auto reclosing duty
  • Ideally suitable for transient fault application
  • Suitable for pole by pole tripping & closing
Product Features
  • Guaranteed for 1,00,000 mechanical operations
  • Made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Self powered hence no external auxiliary supply is required
  • Manual tripping available by hook stick
  • Solid insulation, UV resistant
  • RTU can be supplied for control & monitoring the status of recloser, the relay timer setting & metering parameters and can be made to communicate at control room through GSM/CDMA network. Thus suitable for remote operations. SCADA compatible
  • Light weight
  • Self powered
  • SCADA compatible


Parameter  Unit 12 kV AR 36kV AR
Type Designation   VMO-12  VMO-36
Nominal system voltage  kVrms 11  33
Rated maximum system voltage  kVrms 12  36
Rated One Minute Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (Dry)  kVrms  28*  70*
Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage  kVrms  75*  170*
System Frequency  Hz  50  50
No. of Phase    3  3
Rated Current  Amps  630  800
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current  kArms 12.5  16
Rated Short Time Withstand Current  kArms 12.5  16
Rated Duration of Short Time Withstand Current  Sec. 3  3
Rated Operating Sequence   O-500ms-CO-2s-CO-5s-CO O-500ms-CO-2s-CO-5s-CO
Control Supply  V 24V DC/240V AC 24V DC/240V AC
Interrupting Medium   Vacuum Vacuum
Insulation Medium   Solid Dielectric  SF6
SF6 Gas Pressure   Not Applicable  0.5 Bar at 20°C
Minimum No. of Rated Load Operations   10000  10000
Operating Mechanism   Magnetic Actuator  Magnetic Actuator
Applicable Standard   IS 7567/IEC 62271-111/ANSI C37-60  IS 7567/IEC 62271-111/ANSI C37-60

* Note: Higher BIL available on request