General Information :Type MSTB


Megawin offers single pole vacuum circuit breakers and interrupters with magnetic actuator mechanism for AC Traction application.

  • It is fully type tested-E2 class
  • BIL suitable for 250kV peak / 95 kV RMS
  • 1,00,000 mechanical operations guaranteed

 Applicable standards

Complies with IEC 62271-100,IEC 60694,RDSO specification nos. TI/SPC/PSI/CB/0000 with A&C slip no.1-4, ETI/PII/167(9/97) with A&C slip No.1

Product Features
  • Arc interruption is in vaccum, hence it is environment friendly and suitable for more than 100 shots at full short circuit
  • Usage of magnetic actuator mechanism guarantees 1,00,000 mechanical operations
  • Suitable for both structure & pole mounted applications
  • Equipment tested for 250 kVp impulse and 95 kVrms power frequency with stand voltage
  • Successfully cleared for line charging, cable charging, capacitor switching and out of phase breaking currrent
  • AC Transaction application
  • Suitable for pole mounted application in metro railways
  • Suitable for line charging, cable charging, capacitor switching and phase opposition application



Railway Track-side Breakers Railway Track-side Interrupters
Parameter MSTB-F2720/20 MSTB-P2720/20 MSTI-F2716/8 MSTI-P2716/8
 Rated System Voltage  27.5kV  27.5kV  27.5kV  27.5kV
 Voltage rating class - Indian Railways insulation level  52kV  52kV  52kV  52kV
 Rated continuous Current  2000A  2000A  1600A  1600A
 System Frequency  50Hz  50Hz  50Hz  50Hz
 One minute Power Frequency Voltage withstand level  95kVrms  95kVrms  95kVrms  95kVrms
 1.2/50micro-second Impulse Voltage withstand level  250kVp  250kVp  250kVp  250kVp
 Insulation  Inert gas  Inert gas  Inert gas  Inert gas
 No. of Poles  1  1  1  1
 Rated short time withstand current  20kA / 3 Sec  20kA / 3 Sec  8kA / 3 Sec  8kA / 3 Sec
 Rated symetrical short circuit breaking capacity  20kA  20kA  Not applicable  Not applicable
 Rated assymetrical current breaking capacity  23kA  23kA  Not applicable  Not applicable
 Rated short circuit making capacity  50kAp  50kAp  20kAp  20kAp
 Line charging breaking current  10A  10A  10A  10A
 Cable charging breaking current  50A  50A  Not applicable  Not applicable
 Capacitor bank breaking current  150A  150A  150A  150A
 Control cubicle provided or not  Built-in VCB  Separate panel  Built-in type  Separate panel
 Approximate Breaker Weight  310kgs  310kgs  310kgs  280kgs
 Termination suitable for  ACSR Conductor / XLPE Cables
 Approximate Breaker Weight  310kgs  310kgs  310kgs  280kgs
 Type of operating mechanism  Magnetic Actuator Mechanism
 Installation  GI Frame  Pole mounted  GI Frame  Pole mounted
 Degree of protection  Outdoor IP:55
 Paint type and shade  Painted to Shade RAL 7032