SF6 - Sectionalizer



General Information :


Gas Insulated Sectionalizer with magnetic actuator operated mechanism with built in CT, PT or current/voltage sensors is suitable for structure as well as pole mounted execution for urban and rural electrification application.

 Applicable standards

Complies with IEC 62271-111/ ANSI C37.60.

  • Suitable for four shot auto reclosing duty
  • Ideally suitable for transient fault application
  • Suitable for pole by pole tripping & closing
Product Features
  • Guaranteed for 1,00,000 mechanical operations
  • Made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • State of the art magnetic actuator mechanism
  • Self powered hence no external auxiliary supply is required
  • Manual tripping available by hook stick
  • Positively driven mechanism status indication for breaker condition (ON/OFF), visible from ground
  • Ensures long life & reliability under extreme environmental conditions
  • Solid insulation, UV resistant
  • Special grade Stainlesss Steel Tank robotically welded giving maximum outdoor IP protection (IP:55 for switching Unit and IP:65 for control cabinet)
  • RTU can be supplied for control & monitoring the status of recloser, the relay timer setting & metering parameters and can be made to communicate at control room through GSM/CDMA network. Thus suitable for remote operations. SCADA compatible
  • Light weight
  • Self powered
  • SCADA compatible


Parameter  Unit 15kV 36kV
Type Designation   MSS-15  MSS-36
Nominal system voltage  kVrms 11  33
Rated maximum system voltage  kVrms 12  36
Rated One Minute Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (Dry)  kVrms  28  70
Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage  kVrms  75  170
System Frequency  Hz  50/60  50/60
No. of Phase    3  3
Rated Current  Amps  630  630
  Rated Breaking Capacity  kArms 630  630
Rated Short Time Withstand Current  kArms 12.5  16
Rated Duration of Short Time Withstand Current  Sec. 3  3
Rated Operating Sequence   CO-60sec-CO CO-60sec-CO
Control Supply  V 24V DC/240V AC 24V DC/240V AC
Interrupting Medium   SF6 SF6
Insulation Medium   SF6  SF6
Minimum No. of Rated Load Operations   2000  2000
Operating Mechanism   LV Motor  LV Motor




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