Ratings:  7.2kV, 12kV, 24kV, 36kV, upto 3MVA

General Information :

    Modular designed Untizied Package Sub-station (USS) having HT side Switchgear chamber, Transformer chamber and LT side Switchgear chamber with transformer doors interlocked with HT switchgear to trip and alarm, on opening

  • Both indoor and outdoor versions are available
  • Factory assembled, compact and ready to install
  • Can be safely mounted in basement or on terrace of buildings
  • HT side can be offered with LBS or VCB or GIS RMU
  • It is a huge saving in civil cost and is aesthetically pleasing


 Applicable standards

Complies to IEC 60076-11 / IS 3427.

  • Suitable for high rise buildings in both residential & commercial complexes
  • Ideally suitable for transient fault applications
  • Extremely well suited for power plants and process industries
  • Portable construction power supply units
Product Features
  • Wide choice of HT Switchgear
  • Upto 10 Outgoing Feeders on LT side
  • Top cable entry on HT and LT sides
  • In outdoor type HT and LT chambers upto IP 55 degree of protection




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