General Information :


Megawin make vacuum contactor with solenoid mechanism is suitable for frequent switching application for HT motors.

 Applicable standards

Complies with IEC -60470.

Product Features
  • Suitable for frequent switching application in HT motor circuits
  • As it is tested for AC4 duty it can be used for inching operation
  • Since it is backed up by HT HRC fuse the cost of power cable is reduced significantly
  • Suitable for 2.5 million operations
  • Mechanically latched version available
  • Mechanically interlocked forward/reverse version available
  • Fixed or drawout option available
  • Transformer switching up to 1MVA
  • Capacitor switching
  • Motor switching
  • Forward reverse control of motors
  • Twin drive application
  • Low chopping current
  • Suitable for use on mobile units
  • Accurate coordination with numerical relays
  • Remote indications for status


Parameter MHVC 630 MHVC 630
 Rated System Voltage  7.2kV  12kV
 Rated continuous Current  400A  630A
 Single bank Capacitor Breaking current  400A  400A
 System Frequency  50Hz  50Hz
 One minute Power Frequency Voltage withstand level  20kVrms  28kVrms
 1.2/50micro-second Impulse Voltage withstand level  60kVp  75kVp
 Interrupter  Vacuum  Vacuum
 No. of Poles  3  3
 Rated short time withstand current  8800A / 1 Sec  10000A / 3 Sec
 Breaking capacity  3200A  5040A
 Rated short circuit making capacity  4000A  6300A
 Approximate Breaker Weight  125kgs  150kgs
 Termination suitable for  Rigid Bus-Bar take offs  Rigid Bus-Bar take offs
 Type of operating mechanism  Electro-magnetic  Electro-magnetic
 Installation  Panel mounting  Panel mounting
 Degree of protection  Indoor / Outdoor - based on Panel construction
 Paint type and shade  Powder painted RAL7032 / Yellow Passivated steel