General Information :


Megawin make Cassette type Indoor Metal Clad vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for secondary distribution and infrastructure segment.

 Applicable standards

Complies with IEC 62271-100 / 200 / 1.

  • Transformer switching
  • Capacitor switching
  • Motor switching
  • Long feeder control
Product Features
  • Can be offered in conventional spring operated mechanism or magnetic actuator mechanism
  • Very compact. Thereby significantly reduces civil cost
  • It provides total safety to the operating personnel as all operations are facilitated in door-closed condition only
  • It has sufficient head room in the cable chamber i.e, more than 650mm which provides ease in bending & terminating power cable in cable box chamber
  • Compact yet modular
  • Fixed isolating contacts embedded in seal off bushing provides total segregation amongst high voltage compartments within the cubicle
  • It has 4 distinct high voltage compartments. Thereby offers the benefit of replacing PT primary fuse without switching off the incomer
  • Mechanical push to TRIP and CLOSE buttons can be provided for operation in closed door condition


Parameter  Unit  Rating Rating                       
 Rated Voltage  kV  12  36
 Rated Current  Amps  1250,1600  2500
 Rated busbar normal current  Amps  1600,2000  2500
 Rated breaking current  kA  25  31.5/25
 Short circuit duration  seconds  3  3
 Rated making current  kA  62.5  78.75 / 62.5
 Rated cable charging current  Amps  25  25
 Rated capacitor breaking current  Amps  400  400
 Rated insulation level ( B.I.L.)  kV  12 / 35 / 95  36 / 70 / 170
 Width x Depth x Height  mm  650*x1400x2100  1200x2825x2500
 Weight of completed Breaker Panel  Kgs.  800  1350

*650mm width up to 1600A bus-bar rating and 800mm width for 2000A rating