General Information :


PARAS panels are Air Insulated, Metal Clad, withdrawable type Vacuum Circuit Breaker panles. They are feautered filled, safe, environment friendly and easy to operate. PARAS panels can be used fro any kind of application ranging from Power Plants, Primary and secondary substations to wide range of industrial applications.

Applicable standards

Complies with IS/IEC 62271-1,2, 100, 200, IEC 60529


Product Features
  • Very compact. Low civil cost. User friendly
  • Separate compartments, with metallic partition, for busbar, cable, circuit breaker, low voltage and VT as applicable
  • Eco friendly as arc interruption happened in vacuum and SF6 free
  • Fixed VCB with magnetic actuator mechanism
  • Magnetic actuator mechanism has endurance of 100,000 mechanical operations
  • Provided with all mandatory safety interlocks and padlocks
  • Ready to connect to any remote control & monitoring system and to any SCADA system
  • Sufficient head room in the cable compartment i.e, more than 650mm, for the connection & bending radius of power cables
  • Suitable for single or three core cables, with a maximum of 12 per phase
  • Busbar and cable compartments have tool based access
  • Busbars are made of electrolytic copper
  • Busbar compartment is segregated for each panel for not letting any arc fault to adjacent panels
  • Complete with CTs, PTs, Relays, Meters, Control & Indication devices fully wired up and ready to use


  • Transformer Switching
  • Capacitor Bank Switching
  • Motor Switching
  • Feeder Switching
  • Furnace Switching
  • Generator Switching


Parameter  Unit PARAS-15DR1/DC1 PARAS-15DR2/DC2
 Rated Voltage  kV  15  15
 Rated Current  Amps  630/1250  2500
 Rated Frequency  Hz  50 / 60  50 / 60
 Short time current rating  kA/sec  31.5 / 3 sec  31.5 / 3 sec
 Power Frequency Withstand Voltage  kV(rms)  38kV(rms) for 1 min  38kV(rms) for 1 min
 Rated making current  kA(peak)  81.9  81.9
 Rated cable charging Breaking current  Amps  25 (CC2)  25(CC2)
 Rated capacitor bank breaking current  Amps  400 (C2)  400 (C2)
Operating Sequence    O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO  O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO
 Width x Depth x Height  Mm  600x1700x2100  800x1700x2100
 Weight of completed Breaker Panel  Kgs.  700 (approx.)  900 (approx.)
 Degree of ingress Protection  IP Class  Indoor IP4X / Outdoor IP 55  Indoor IP4X / Outdoor IP 55
 Category of switchgear  As per IEC  E2, C2, M2  E2, C2, M2
 Internal Arc tested for  AFLR  31.5kA / 1 second  31.5kA / 1 second





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