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Updated: Feb 2

Megawin has been in the medium voltage switchgear field for over three decades and has provided solutions to customer needs. The Managing Director and Director, R&D, Mr. Ganesan Subramaniam wanted to standardize medium voltage switchgear products like EHV and LV switchgear and thereby reduce the lead time.

Understanding the constraints

We at Megawin studied on what makes medium voltage switchgear customized and how that can be eliminated. It was observed that instrument transformers, LT unit and fabrication change increases lead timer.


It was observed that the following components could could cover wide ranges, number of operations and most importantly just one design variant:

  1. Current sensors

  2. Voltage sensors

  3. Magnetic actuator mechanism

Why are these components superior?

a. Unparalleled benefits of magnetic actuators

b. Superior current sensors over current transformers

c. Superior voltage sensors over voltage transformers