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Product Description

Megawin railway vacuum circuit breakers (VCB) and vacuum interrupters (VI) come with a well proven magnetic actuator mechanism and electronic controller that eliminates the number of moving parts, making them robust, reliable and essentially maintenance free.

Product Features

  • Magnetic actuator mechanism tested 100,000 operations.

  • Solid insulation, UV resistant.

  • Vacuum interrupters are porcelain clad

  • Designed for voltage classes of 25kV

  • Fully type tested for E2 class

  • Suitable for both structure & pole mounted applications

  • Equipment tested for 250 kVp impulse and 95 kVrms power frequency withstand voltage

  • Successfully cleared for line charging, cable charging, capacitor switching and out of phase breaking current


  • Robust and maintenance free design

  • Higher operating life

  • Easy to install

  • Time proven, safe and reliable


  • AC Transaction application

  • Suitable for pole mounted application in metro railways

  • Suitable for line charging, cable charging, capacitor switching and phase opposition application

Applicable standards

Complies with IEC 62271-100,IEC 60694,RDSO specification nos. TI/SPC/PSI/CB/0000 with A&C slip no.1-4, ETI/PII/167(9/97) with A&C slip No.1

General Technical Parameters

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