Vacuum Contactor


  • 7.2kV/ 400A/9kA


  • Indoor and Outdoor

Product Description

m-Smart vacuum contactors use vacuum interruption for frequent switching in medium voltage applications. Ideally used for Generators, operations of soft starters, Reactor Capacitor switching, motor switching duties, our vacuum contactors can be offered for voltage classes up to 7.2kV with electrical or mechanical latching both in fixed and draw out formats.

Product Features

  • Available for voltage classes up to 7.2kV, 400A, 9kA.

  • Up to 10,00,000 operations.

  • Available in both latched and non-latched versions.

  • Available in fixed and draw out formats.

  • Fuse available up to 300A in draw out version

  • Mechanically interlocked forward/reverse version available


  • Capacitor switching

  • Motor switching

  • Soft starters

  • Neutral grounding of generators

  • Transformer switching up to 1 MVA

Market segments

  • Process industries

  • Service sector

  • Marine


  • Low chopping current

  • Accurate coordination with numerical relays

  • Cost of power cable is reduced when HRC fuse is used

  • Remote indications for status

Applicable standards

  • IEC -60470

General Technical Specification