Porcelain Clad outdoor VCBs for the new era

In early 2022, MEGAWIN embarked upon re-launching the conventional Porcelain Clad outdoor VCBs up to 36kV – BHEEM Series, with a technical edge over those prevailing. The performance of Porcelain Clad VCBs from the house of MEGAWIN not only helped power the nation’s grid, transmission and distribution networks since the early 2000s but also provide reliability and good quality of power, making Megawin a brand of choice. ​

We at MEGAWIN continuously come up with innovative products and solutions that will benefit our customers and users. Our new generation of Porcelain Clad VCBs come fitted with composite Current and Voltage Sensors.

  • The technology, design and construction provide a failure free and maintenance free alternative bulky oil filled current transformers and voltage transformers.
  • With no additional structures needed for mounting CTs and PTs alongside Porcelain Clad VCBs of BHEEM series, optimum space utilization in an outdoor Sub-Station is what customers benefit from.
  • Additionally, more feeders for a given fixed area of sub-station can also be added.
  • Customers also benefit by the low-cost of ownership due to low maintenance cost comparing Porcelain Clad VCB with conventional oil filled current & voltage transformers.
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