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m-Smart Auto Reclosers

m-Smart Auto Reclosers are solid insulated reclosers with vacuum interrupters, encapsuled in hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy resin and magnetic actuator mechanism, built for harsh outdoor unmanned power distribution applications. These auto reclosers are aimed to the improve the system reliability, downtime and cost of ownership. Keeping operator safety at high priority, conventional instrument transformers are replaced by failure proof current and voltage sensors.

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Significant downtime saved through Auto Reclosers and Sectionalises

Megawin supplied auto reclosers and sectionalisers to help sectionalize the faulty feeder pockets..

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System Voltage 12kV 24kV/36kV
Rated Voltage 12kV 24kV/36kV
Rated normal Current 630A 800A
Short time current withstand capacity 16kA 16kA
Rated Frequency 50Hz. 50Hz.
Power frequency withstand voltage 28kV(rms) 70kV(rms)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage 75kV peak 170kV peak
Short circuit breaking current for circuit breaker 16kA/3Sec 16kA/3Sec
Short circuit making current for circuit breaker 40kA 40kA
Degree of protection (outdoor) IP65 IP65
Design ambient temperature 50 C0 50 C0
Rated insulation level 12/28/75 36/70/170
Operating Sequence O-.5S-CO-2S-CO-5S-CO O-.5S-CO-2S-CO-5S-CO
Dielectric medium Solid Dielectric Medium Solid Dielectric Medium
Breaking medium Vacuum Vacuum
Operating Mechanism Magnetic Actuator Magnetic Actuator
Mechanical life 1,00,000 Operations 1,00,000 Operations
Electrical life at rated current 100 Operations 100 Operations
Auxiliary voltage 24V 24V
Relevant standards IEC 62271-111 IEC 62271-111
Installation Single pole, Two pole and Pedestal Single pole, Two pole and Pedestal