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Sethu Series – CRT


  • Rated Voltage: 3.3kV to 33kV/ upto 3MVA


  • Copper or Aluminium
  • Insulation Class F (140 Celsius)


  • Both no loss and low loss (as per ECBC guidelines)


  • Optional with OLTC
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Product Description

Megawin Cast Resin Transformers are dry type transformers, supplied in sheet steel enclosure suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation.

  • Air Natural (AN) cooled.

  • Higher ratings for hot environments are supplied with forced cooling as well.

  • They are suitable for cable termination on HT side and LT side.

  • Bus-Duct termination is also offered on LT side.

Product Features

  • It is compact and maintenance free

  • Resin casting provides much better dielectric strength and short circuit withstand capability

  • It has negligible partial discharge due to epoxy casting under specialized vacuum process with HV/LV winding separately cast

  • The foil winding in LV makes it withstand higher short circuit forces owing to negligible axial force components

  • Off circuit Tap changing links are a standard feature. Dry Type On-load Tap changing Gear can also be supplied


  • High- rise buildings

  • Congested locations

  • Fire hazard areas like mining, oil and gas etc.

  • In urban areas where cost of real estate is high

Market Segments

  • Utilities (Secondary distribution)

  • Industries

  • Commercial and infrastructure (residential complex, malls etc.)

  • Healthcare

  • Mining

  • Solar plants

Parameters 100kVA to 3000KVA ,11KV/433V
Rated current HV/LV 26.24/666.68 Amps
Degree of protection for Enclosure IP23 Indoor
IP324 Outdoor
Rated Voltage HV/LV 11000/433 Volts
Rated Frequency 50Hz.
Insulation Class Class F
Winding Connection Delta/Star
Vector Group Dyn11
Design Ambient Temperature 50̊C
Power Frequency Voltage Withstand HV/LV 28kV/3KV
Impulse Voltage Withstand HV/LV 75kV/N.A
System Earthing HV Unearthed
System Earthing LV Effectively Earthed
Relevant standards IEC-62271-111

Applicable Standards

  •  IEC 60076 – 11 and IS 11171