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Load Break Switch (LBS)


  • Rated Voltage: 12kV, 24kV, 36kV
  • Rated Current: 630A
  • Rated short time withstand current: 25kA
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Product Description

Megawin load break switches (disconnector switches) are switching devices used to switch electrical circuits in load operating state. They find usage in switchgear cabinets and MV switching stations of indoor and outdoor panel, kiosk and ring main units. Megawin Load Break Switch comes with optional earth switch, HRC fuses and live line indicators. Modular design allows easy and cost-effective maintenance

Product Features

  • Compact, reliable and proven design

  • Tripping initiation by fuses

  • Mechanically interlocked earth switch

  • Live line indicators for operator safety.


  • Transformer protection

  • Capacitor bank current switching


  • Light weight

  • Robust construction with x operations

  • Safe operations for operators

Parameters 12kV 24kV 36kV
Rated Voltage 12kV 24kV 36kV
Rated Current 630A 630A 630A
Rated insulation level 12/28/75 24/50/125 36/70/170
Rated Frequency 50Hz. 50Hz. 50Hz.
Short time current withstand capacity 25kA 25kA 25kA
Short circuit making capacity 28kV peak 50kV peak 70kV peak
Rated breaking capacity 630A 630A 630A
Operating mechanism Fuse Trip Mechanism Fuse Trip Mechanism Fuse Trip Mechanism
Protection IP4X IP4X IP4X
Degree of protection for overall enclosure IP54 IP54 IP54
Design ambient temperature 50̊C 50̊C 50̊C
Relevant standards IEC-62271-1,102,103,105 IEC-62271-1,102,103,105 IEC-62271-1,102,103,105

Applicable Standards

  •  IEC 62270-1, IS /IEC 62271-1
  •  IEC 62270-102, IS /IEC 62271-102
  •  IEC 62270-103, IS /IEC 62271-103
  •  IEC 62270-105, IS /IEC 62271-105