m-Smart VCB

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  • Rated Voltage: 12kV, 24kV, 36kV
  • Rated Current: 800A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A
  • Rated short circuit: 25KA


  • Spring mechanism
  • Mid mounted cassette
  • Roll on floor

Indoor and Outdoor versions
Suitable for line up of panels

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m-Smart VCB panels are a one stop solution to all your medium voltage metal clad switchgear. Combined with novel current sensors, voltage sensors and a comprehensive feeder manager (numerical relay), m-Smart aims to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Embedded Current and Voltage Sensors

Current sensors and voltage sensors are a direct replacement to current and potential transformers. When incorporated into Metal clad switchgear it makes your switchgear failure free.

Embedded Current and Voltage Sensors

Current and voltage sensors are designed for both metering and protection, covering all your specification in one design with added benefits.

Protection Class: 5P40
Metering: 0.2s

Feeder Manager (MF790c)​

MF790c is a comprehensive numerical relay with in built metering, protection, control, communication and annunciation, covering all your metering and protection schemes.

  • 64 energy parameters
  • Maximum demand controller
  • Cold load pick up
  • Trip circuit supervision healthy

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Spring Operated Mechanism tested for 10,000 operations

Comes with both mid mount cassette type and roll on floor versions

Equipped with all safety interlocks

You LT Chamber is going to be way better​

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Conventional Switchgearm-Smart


  • Capacitor bank switching​
  • Transformer Protection​
  • Feeder Protection​

Market Segments​

  • Utilities (primary and secondary)​
  • Generation​
  • Industries​
  • Large Buildings​
  • Oil & Gas​
  • Infrastructure​

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Conventional Switchgear m-Smart VCB
Longer lead time owing to tailormade manufacturing Readily available as it is has all features in built
Cost of ownership is higher Cost of ownership is lesser
Current transformer Current sensor
Requires different CTs/CY Cores for metering & for protection Same sensor works both for metering and protection (Class 0.2 & Class 5P40)
Saturation and associated accuracy issues No saturation; accuracy not affected even at 40 times the primary current
Errors due to residual flux in the magnetic core No iron core; thus, no accuracy related issues due to residual flux
Low efficiency due to core loss component Better efficiency as no core loss component
Dangerous high voltage during unintentional open circuit of secondary No high voltage hazard during secondary open conditions
Voltage Transformers Voltage Sensors
Requires different VTs/VT Secondaries for metering & for protection Same sensor works both for metering and protection (Class 0.5 & Class 3P)
Damage due to secondary short circuits No such hazards
Fuse failure relay required for secondary fuse monitoring No such needed
Damage of PT due to system surges like switching surge, surges due to ferro-resonance, dynamic surges etc. No damage due to surges/over voltages
Voluminous & heavy Relatively compact and light weight
Core heating & associated problems No such problems
Protection & Control
Conventional Switchgear m-Smart VCB
LT chamber has meters, annunciators, push button, selector switch, auxiliary relays, numerical relays and indicators All the functions are brought into one smart device
Need to specify Maximum Demand Control Maximum Demand Control In build
Cold Load Pick up needs to specified specifically Cold Load Pick up In built
Trip circuit supervision (TCS) comes separately Trip circuit supervision (TCS) in built
Service and Spares
Conventional Switchgear m-Smart VCB
Time to clear a breakdown maintenance takes a very long time Can be rectified within hours
Spares are very expensive and take a long lead time Spares are readily available with stock list at a far affordable price
Parameters 12kV 24kV 36kV
Rated Voltage 12kV 24kV 36kV
Rated Current 630A,800A,1250A 630A,800A,1250A 630A,800A,1250A
Short time current withstand capacity 25kA 25kA 25kA
Rated Frequency 50Hz. 50Hz. 50Hz.
Power frequency withstand voltage 28kV(rms) for 1min 50kV(rms) for 1min 70kV(rms) for 1min
Lightning impulse withstand voltage 75kV peak 120kV peak 170kV peak
Rated short circuit breaking current 25kA 25kA 25kA
Rated short circuit making current 62.5kA peak 62.5kA peak 62.5kA peak
Internal arc withstand capacity 25kA/1sec 25kA/1sec 25kA/1sec
Degree of protection for overall enclosure (outdoor) IP 55 IP 55 IP 55
Degree of protection for overall enclosure (indoor) IP 4X IP 4X IP 4X
Design ambient temperature 50̊C 50̊C 50̊C
Rated insulation level 12/28/75 24/50/125 33/70/170
Type of access Bottom / Top / Side / Rear Bottom / Top / Side / Rear Bottom / Top / Side / Rear
Site extensibility Future Extensible Available Future Extensible Available Future Extensible Available
Loss of service continuity LSC-2B LSC-2B LSC-2B
Operating Sequence O-0.3sec.-CO-3min-CO O-0.3sec.-CO-3min-CO O-0.3sec.-CO-3min-CO
Circuit breaker type Roll on floor/Mid mount cassette type Roll on floor Roll on floor
Breaking medium Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum
Operating Mechanism Spring Spring Spring
Mechanical life 10,000 Operations 10,000 Operations 10,000 Operations
Electrical life at rated current E2 Operations E2 Operations E2 Operations
Auxiliary voltage 24V DC,230V DC,110V DC,220V DC 24V DC,230V DC,110V DC,220V DC 24V DC,230V DC,110V DC,220V DC
Current sensor ratings or 60A – 5A to 100A
250A – 20A to 415A
750A – 50A to 1250A
60A – 5A to 100A
250A – 20A to 415A
750A – 50A to 1250A
60A – 5A to 100A
250A – 20A to 415A
750A – 50A to 1250A
Voltage sensor rating 11kV/√3 / 2V/√3 22kV/√3 / 2V/√3 33kV/√3 / 2V/√3
Relevant standards IS/IEC 62271-1, 100, 200, IEC 60529 IS/IEC 62271-1, 100, 200, IEC 60529 IS/IEC 62271-1, 100, 200, IEC 60529
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