Railway Breakers
Metro Breakers



  • Rated Voltage: 12kV
  • Rated Current: 800A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A
  • Rated short circuit: 25KA, 31.5kA


  • Mid mounted cassette
  • Roll on floor

Indoor and Outdoor versions
Suitable for line up of panels

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Product Description

Megawin railway vacuum circuit breakers (VCB) and vacuum interrupters (VI) come with a well proven magnetic actuator mechanism and electronic controller that eliminates the number of moving parts, making them robust, reliable and essentially maintenance free.

Product Features

  • Magnetic actuator mechanism tested 100,000 operations.

  • Solid insulation, UV resistant.

  • Vacuum interrupters are porcelain clad

  • Designed for voltage classes of 25kV

  • Fully type tested for E2 class

  • Suitable for both structure & pole mounted applications

  • Equipment tested for 250 kVp impulse and 95 kVrms power frequency withstand voltage

  • Successfully cleared for line charging, cable charging, capacitor switching and out of phase breaking current


  • Robust and maintenance free design

  • Higher operating life

  • Easy to install

  • Time proven, safe and reliable


  • AC Transaction application

  • Suitable for pole mounted application in metro railways

  • Suitable for line charging, cable charging, capacitor switching and phase opposition application

Model VCB VI
Parameter Railway VCB Metro VCB Railway VI Metro VI
Rated System Voltage 27.5kV 27.5kV 27.5kV 27.5kV
Voltage rating class – Indian Railways insulation level 52kV 52kV 52kV 52kV
Rated continuous Current 2000A 2000A 1600A 1600A
System Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
One-minute Power Frequency Voltage withstand level 95kVrms 95kVrms 95kVrms 95kVrms
1.2/50micro-second Impulse Voltage withstand level 250kVp 250kVp 250kVp 250kVp
Insulation 1 1 1 1
Rated short time withstand current 20kA / 3 Sec 20kA / 3 Sec 8kA / 3 Sec 8kA / 3 Sec
Rated symmetrical short circuit breaking capacity 20kA 20kA Not applicable Not applicable
Rated asymmetrical current breaking capacity 23kA 23kA Not applicable Not applicable
Rated short circuit making capacity 50kAp 50kAp 20kAp 20kAp
Line charging breaking current 10A 10A 10A 10A
Cable charging breaking current 50A 50A Not applicable Not applicable
Capacitor bank breaking current 150A 150A 150A 150A
Control cubicle provided or not Built-in VCB Separate panel Built-in type Separate panel
Approximate Breaker Weight 310kgs 310kgs 310kgs 280kgs
Termination suitable for ACSR Conductor / XLPE Cables
Approximate Breaker Weight 310kgs 310kgs 310kgs 280kgs
Type of operating mechanism Magnetic Actuator Mechanism
Installation GI Frame Pole mounted GI Frame Pole mounted

Applicable Standards

  •  Complies with IEC 62271-100,IEC 60694
  •  RDSO specification nos. TI/SPC/PSI/CB/0000 with A&C slip no.1-4
  •  ETI/PII/167(9/97) with A&C slip No.1