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Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breakers (PCVCB)

BHEEM Series of porcelain clad vacuum circuit breakers are structure mounted, easy to use devices for outdoor applications in 12kV and 36kV systems. They come with well proven vacuum interrupters from Megawin with adequate phase clearances and heights, suited for overhead lines and cables. Bheem series of VCB come with non-parallel performance by incorporating current sensors and voltage sensors on to the terminal pads.

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Embedded Current and Voltage Sensors

Current sensors and voltage sensors are a direct replacement to current and potential transformers. When incorporated into Metal clad switchgear it makes your switchgear failure free.

Embedded Current and Voltage Sensors

Current and voltage sensors are designed for both metering and protection, covering all your specification in one design with added benefits.

Protection Class: 5P40
Metering: 0.2s

Hydrophobic cycloaliphatic epoxy bushing (HCEP)


Parameters 12kV 36kV
Number of poles 3 3
Rated Voltage 12kV 36kV
Rated Current 630A/800A/1250A 630A/800A/1250A
Short time current withstand capacity 25kA 25kA
Rated Frequency 50Hz. 50Hz.
Power frequency withstand voltage 28kV(rms) 70kV(rms)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage 75kV peak 170kV peak
Short circuit breaking capacity 25kA/3sec 25kA/3sec
Short circuit making capacity 62.5kA 62.5kA
Short time withstand current 25kA/3sec 25kA/3sec
Operating sequence O-0.3 Sec- CO-3 min CO O-0.3 Sec- CO-3 min CO
Degree of protection for switching unit IP54 IP54
Degree of protection for control cabinet IP54 IP54
Design temperature 50̊C 50̊C
Auxiliary voltage 24V DC/110V DC 24V DC/110V DC
Circuit breaker type Pedestal/substation mounted Pedestal/substation mounted
Interrupting medium Vacuum Vacuum
Insulation medium Solid Solid
Operating Mechanism Spring/ Magnetic Actuator Spring/ Magnetic Actuator
Mechanical life 10,000 Operations 10,000 Operations
Electrical life at rated current 100 operation 100 operation
Relevant standards IEC 62271-100 IEC 62271-100

Applicable Standards – Coming Soon