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SF6 LBS are factory assembled, sealed for life, compact SF6 switchgear for secondary distribution for 12kV voltage class. These automation ready units are offered with extensible and non-extensible construction for indoor and outdoor applications. Various interrupting and switching combinations with single busbar can be provided.

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SF6 LBS have SF6 as it’s dielectric medium . these units come in motorized versions which van be operated locally through push buttons and remotely through SCADA.

Front access cable termination

  • DIN 400c bushings for easy access
  • Cable connection can be given by using a 3 core cable or 3 single core cables
  • Cable compartment is earthed and interlocked allowing access in EARTH ON condition only

Mimic door with SLD

A mimic door with SLD helps operators to clearly view the mechanism and indicators for safe operation of the equipment

Gas pressure indicators

Gas pressure indicators are fitted to the tank with clear scale and color indications to endure safe operation. The status of gas pressure between safe and unsafe levels can also be monitored through SCADA

Feeder Manager (MF790c)​

MF790c is a comprehensive numerical relay with in built metering, protection, control, communication and annunciation, covering all your metering and protection schemes.

  • 64 energy parameters
  • Maximum demand controller
  • Cold load pick up
  • Trip circuit supervision healthy


  • Secondary distribution​

Market Segments​

  • Utilities​
  • Commercial spaces​
  • Industries​
  • Military engineering services​
  • Oil & Gas​
  • Infrastructure​
  • Ports​

Technical data for circuit breaker

Rated Voltage 12kV
Rated nominal current 630A
Rated active load break current 630A
Rated short time withstand current 21kA
Rated duration of short circuit 3 sec
Rated peak withstand current 52.5 kA
Impulse withstand voltage 75kV
Degree of protection (indoor) CRCA IP4X
SS Tank IP67
Degree of protection (outdoor) CRCA IP54
SS Tank IP67
Design ambient temperature 50  ̊C
Rated insulation level 12/38/95
Cable entry Front
Applicable Standards IEC 62271-1, IEC 9920

SAARA is fully type tested as per the latest revision of IEC standards

  •  IEC 62271-100 Alternating current circuit breakers​
  •  IEC 62271-200 AC metal enclosed switchgear and control gear​
  •  IEC 62271-1 HV switchgear and control gear​​
  •  IEC 60255 Measuring relays and protective equipment​

SAARA is fully type tested as per the latest revision of IEC standards

  •  IEC 62271-1
  •  ​​​​IEC 9920​
  • Description 12kV
  • Nominal System Voltage 11kV
  • Highest System Voltage 12kV
  • Rated One Minute Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 28kV
  • Rated Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage 75 kVp
  • Rated Continuous Current up-to 1250A
  • Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current 25kA
  • Rated Short Circuit Making Current 62.5kAp
  • Rated Short Time Withstand Current 25kA/3sec.
  • Rated Peak Withstand Current 62.5kAp
  • Rated Operating sequence 0-0.3sec.-CO-3min-CO
  • Degree of Protection (Indoor) IP4x
  • Degree of Protection (Outdoor) IP55
  • Standards IS/IEC 62271-1, 100, 200, IEC 60529
  • Current Sensing Rating Available 60A, 250A & 750A
  • Voltage Sensing Rating 11kV/√3 / 2V/√3
  • Accuracy of Multifunction Meter in the Feeder Manager class 0.2S
  • Auxiliary Voltage Range for the Feeder Manager 18V to 75V DC or 80V to 280VDC